One Family's Journey

This week, the blog will be featuring one family's journey from referral to return. A friend that I met online has agreed to post here for a week -- plus a few more days in the future -- to help us better understand the process. I will let her introduce herself:

My name is Emily and my husband Arnold (a native of Colombia) and I will be leaving in about a week to adopt our first child from Colombia. Last year at this time, we were preparing to spend Christmas vacation with our family in Colombia and Panama knowing that we would start the adoption process upon our return. It seems like just yesterday we were walking the streets of Bogotá imagining what it would be like to come back in the future to pick up our first child. It is unbelievable that those dreams are now coming true.

As we run down the home stretch we’ll be sharing the last steps of our adoption trip with you here by cross-posting on Raising Colombian Kids. Right now we are making travel preparations and waiting impatiently to meet our son. If you have any questions regarding details of the process feel free to post them in the comments section and I will try to answer them when the time comes. And if you are curious about how long different parts of the process took us you can check out all our adoption related history at my personal blog:

Thanks for having us Melinda!


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