UFO's Over Bogotá

The word in Spanish for UFO is OVNI (ojeto volador no identificado). It might have been useful to know this word if you had been in Bogotá on November 20th.
On that day, Bogotanos were out on the streets to observe what has yet to be explained. Apparently, 3 bright circles were flying over the city. The objects did not appear to move or fly. They did not look like airplanes. No government official has yet explained what the objects might have been, but they captured the interest of the city for several hours. People on the street guessed that the object could have been just about anything, from alien spacecraft to Chavez's secret weapons, from weather ballons to US spy craft.

Check out the You tube videos at this site. What do you think?


There are also pictures here:


It might interest you to know that OVNIs have been seen flying over Bogotá at least 4 other times in the last three years.
There are other recordings of this sighting where the objects appear to be like those of November 20 - seen from farther away - while this video is more of a close up.


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