Amphibian Biodiversity

Colombia ranks 2nd in the world for diverse species of amphibians (only Brazil has more).

Here are some interesting statistics -- according to a report jointly issued by Conservation International, The World Conservation Union, and Nature Serve:

Colombia is home to 698 unique amphibian species.
  • 648 -- frogs and toads
  • 19 -- salamanders
  • 31 -- caecilians

Colombia also has the largest number of threatened amphibian species in the world with 208 -- that means about 30% of the amphibian species in Colombia are in threat of extinction.

  • 50 species are critically endangered

  • 78 species are endangered

  • 80 species are threatened

An additional 48 species are considered near threatened.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about one critically endangered frog species -- the Golden Poison Frog. Read about it here:



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