Bogotá for Beginners: Divercity

What to do when spending endlessly long weeks in Bogotá waiting for Sentencia. If you have children ages 4 to 13, I would highly recommend spending a weekday morning at DIVERCITY.

DIVERCITY is a mini city for kids inside a huge, new shopping mall in the North of the city-- the Santa . Kids over 3 pay about $5 to enter (parents cost about $3). For the price of admission, they are issued a $20 divi dollar pay check. Once inside they cash the $20 check at the bank and learn how to use an ATM card. Then, they can start spending or earning money. They earn money by working at different occupations- police detectives, fire fighters, foot loop packers, coke bottlers, veterinarians, pilots, farmers, TV station announcers, Radio announcers, beauticians, insurance agents, supermarket clerks, paleontologists, architects, authors, discotheque workers, etc. They spend their divi money if they want to go on safari, watch a play, climb the rock wall, play arcade games, take bus rides, or buy prizes.
Spanish fluency is not necessarily a requirement as there are things that do not require language. Even 2-3 year olds, in the company of older siblings, can enjoy milking cows, bus rides and dressing up.

There are 2 daily sessions, morning (10am-3pm) and evening (4pm-9pm). I recommend the morning session during the week as there are typically fewer kids and therefore your kids spend less time waiting in line.

This activity would not be good for kids who cannot handle a crowd or noise. But it is a blast for most kids. Our son was 5 when we took him and he liked it so much that we went back twice during our stay in Bogotá.

Here is a link to their website.


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