National Parks -- Parques Nacionales Naturales

Like most parents, we start planning our summer vacation way in advance. First, we decide where we will be going. Then, we research all of the activities and options and prices for our decided destination.

This year, we are planning a month long trip to Colombia. This means I am researching what new places we will visit this year. My hope is to document our trip back on the blog here. We will be taking our 5 1/2 year old and our 9 year old sons.

In part because of my research about biodiversity for this blog, in part because of the new tourism campaign, and in part because of our vacation, I have been researching Colombia's National Nature Parks. Did you know that this year Colombia's National Nature Parks are celebrating their 50th anniversary. In honor of that Golden Anniversary, I plan to feature information about several parks that you might consider visiting over the coming weeks. To check out the whole series, you'll want to click on the National Parks Tab at the right in a few weeks.

FYI -- In Colombia, there are 54 National Nature Parks -- of which 24 are considered optimal for ecotourism. Below is the complete list. However, not all are located in areas that would be safe or recommended for foreign visitors. I plan to highlight those that are safe.

  1. Cocuy
  2. Amacayacu
  3. Gorgona
  4. Los Flamencos
  5. Malpelo
  6. Iguaque
  7. Los Nevados
  8. Otún Quimbaya
  9. Isla de Salamanca
  10. Tuparro
  11. Chingaza
  12. Corales San Bernardo
  13. Estoraques
  14. Old Providence McBean Lagoon
  15. Tayrona
  16. Utría
  17. Macuira
  18. Sumapaz
  19. Puracé
  20. Galeras
  21. Guanentá Alto Río Fonce
  22. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  23. La Corota
  24. Cueva de los Guácharos


Jane said…
There is actually a tour company in Austin that specializes in bird tours to Colombian parks.

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