Oldest Film Festival in Latin America

Yesterday, the Cartagena Film Festival (Festival de Cine de Cartagena) began. This year organizers are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Festival, which makes it the oldest continuous festival of its kind in Latin America. *

In the 1960's, the Festival was in competition with the festival in Havana. In the 1970's, it hosted many up and coming names and faces. The 1980's proved to be its Golden Years. Unfortunately, the 1990's brought decline to the event and up until 2 years ago, the Festival seemed to be on its last legs, losing prestige to other international and Latino film festivals. Skeptics and critics alike had all but written of the event.

However, new leadership is bringing about a change. The movies being shown are now award contenders. Additionally, many homegrown Colombian movies are getting a showing at the Festival.

You can read about one here:

For more information check out this article:

* The Havana Film festival is actually the oldest -- started 5 years before the Cartagena Festival, however, the Havana Film Festival missed 10 years a number of years back.


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