Colombian Mushrooms

Author Gunter Pauli has developed an education model, called ZERI, that is designed to teach young children prinicples of science. Using the ZERI Fables book series, he gives children and their parents (or teachers) an opportunity to participate in hands on activities that help kids learn to use principles that they learn in the books. His hope is that children will improve their emotional intelligence, eco-literacy, and artistic/creative capacities.

Why am I discussing science learning on a blog about Colombia? Well, Mr. Pauli has a wonderfully illustrated bilingual (SPANISH/ENGLISH) book in his series called:


Pauli has lived and worked in Colombia, and his efforts to improve education, through an integrated approach, have caught on in Medellín and Manizales.

You can learn more about his book, and the Fable series it is a part of at The book is probably best suited for children ages 4-8.


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