Every year since 1995, an international cookbook competition has been held in Paris, France. This year 55 countries participated in what is known as the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. The competition includes awards for 41 different categories of cookbooks and 18 drink books.

To help you get an idea of how big the competition actually is, last year they were over 8,000 entries. This year, when the winners were announced, Colombia walked away with some top honors.

Taking the " Best Book in the World about Non-alcoholic drinks" award, was Liliana Villegas with her book "Cafes de Colombia" (Coffees of Colombia).

There was also a children's cookbook series entitled, "Cocinando Cuentos de Hadas" (Cooking Fairy Tales), that was named one of the top three most innovative cookbooks in the world. The three books in the series are called: Alicia en el país de las delicias (Alice in Delicacyland), Hansel y Gretel y la casita endulzada (Hansel and Gretel and the Little House of Sugar), and Caperucita roja y el lobo glotón (Little Red Ridinghood and the Gluttonous Wolf).

If you are in Colombia, you may want to check out these books in a bookstore.

To read more about the Gourmand Awards, click here:


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