Pombo Musical

Okay, so this is a little late, but back in November 2009, the Latin Grammys were handed out. Busy with moving and recovering from surgery, I had written about 2 months worth of posts that kind of went up automatically, and I totally overlooked my favorite album of the year. It won in the best Children's CD category. It's title:


Before I talk about the album, here is a refresher on Rafael Pombo - (translated and summarized from the album insert):

Rafael Pombo was born in Bogotá, on November 7, 1833. He studied civil engineering and was a math professor. Later, he enlisted in Colombia's diplomatic corps and eventually became a member of parliament. He is also considered one of Latin America's main poets during the "Romanticismo" period. His poems teach virtues and values that are universal and true in all ages, and every Colombian knows them. On August 20, 1905, in a solemn ceremony, he was crowned as Colombia's Poet Laureate. He died on May 5, 1912.

Now for the album:

The idea for Pombo Musical was hatched by Carlos Vives in an effort to raise funds for the Fundación Rafael Pombo (FRP) and ICBF. The songs were all written by some of Colombia's most famous artists: Juanes, Andrea Echeverri (from Atercipelados), Adriana Lucía, Duo Huellas, Verónica Orozco, Fonseca, Cabas, and H2 to name a few. The rights to each song were given to the FRP and the distribution of the CD is very limited. IN FACT -- YOU CANNOT GET IT -- EVEN ON THE INTERNET -- OUTSIDE OF COLOMBIA. YOU CAN'T EVEN DOWNLOAD THE SONGS ON Itunes. I owe thanks to an adoptive family who brought my copy home from Colombia and mailed it to me. SO AWESOME, THANK YOU!!!

IF you are currently in Bogotá, you can pick up your own copy at TOWER RECORDS. It will set you back $25,900 pesos. If you are home, you can start begging your yahoo group friends to tuck one in their luggage for you. AND AGAIN -- A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY YAHOO GROUP FRIEND :)


Anonymous said…
We LOVE Pombo Musical! And hombre alfabeto is one of my favorite songs too!
calicocollie said…
Love this album! We were able to get a copy from a third party seller on Amazon.

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