You Go Girls!!!

We all know that Colombians love soccer or Fútbol as it is known there. Unfortunately, the National team has been somewhat of a disappointment as of late -- especially when it failed to qualify for the World Cup that will be held this summer in South Africa. However, Colombians have a new, and what some would consider surprising, reason to rejoice. It is not the Mens' National team that will he headed to a World Cup Event this year-- NOPE! It is the Womens' National team.
This summer, representing Colombia at the Under 20 Women's World Cup in Germany will be a group of feisty females. This will be Colombia's first experience at the Women's Under-20 World Cup. Two years ago, they did send a team to the Under-17 World Cup and now many of those women have grown up and are ready to take on the world.
You can read more about their qualifying win and see pictures here:


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