Bogotá for Beginners: Taxis

Taxis are another great way to get around Bogotá. There are multiple services. It is best to call ahead and have a cab sent to where you are to pick you up. When you call they give you a "SECRET CODE" which you can use when the taxi shows up so you can be sure it is a taxi from a reputable company -- this keeps you safe :)

A really helpful site when looking at public transportation in Bogotá -- buses and taxis -- is found in both English and Spanish at:

This site gives you the latest rates, you can hire a taxi for 1 hour at the rate of $14,000 pesos -- about $7.50 US. There is also an added fee for a trip from the airport -- $3,200 (less than $2 US). This also means a ride from the airport shouldn't cost you more than $10. So, don't get ripped off by your agency. You can always send them a link to this site. I heard of one agency charging $30 for a trip from the airport to the hotel. NOT COOL!! That extra $20 can be very useful to an adoptive family.

As you leave the El Dorado Airport, there are signs that say, "TAXI". You go to the little window and give them the address of where you want to go. They will give you a little piece of paper with the price printed on it. (So far, you do not need to pay any money -- so don't). You take the paper to the line of taxis and hand it to the driver. He will take you to your hotel and then charge you the fee printed on the paper. It is important to remember to pay the driver only the price printed on the paper.


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