Racism in Colombia

In preparation for this week of official celebration of Afrocolombian culture, I have read a few books. One of them I will highlight today. It is rather interesting and offers insight in to Colombian culture in general. Anyone reading this book will walk away with a greater understanding of what living in Colombia would be like. It is far more than a book dealing with race relations. You will learn about Paisa culture, mestizaje, Antioquia, the Atlantic Coast and Choco.

The author challenges how the Colombian belief that the Afro population is adequately integrated into Colombian society. He questions Colombia's self proclaimed image as a "racial democracy", and offer several valid reasons as to why Afrocolombians are not truly "equal".

If learning about Afrocolombians and Colombian culture in general interests you. I highly recommend this read. It is not an easy read novel, but very enlightening nonetheless.

The title:

Blackness and Race Mixture: The Dynamics of Racial Identity in Colombia


Peter Wade

You can read some of it on google books

Or buy it at Amazon:



em and pete said…
Another good suggestion. :) Looks like I'll be reading for a while.

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