Shakira's World Cup Theme Song

A few days ago at work my husband had an interesting exchange with a colleague from the UK. They were, of course, talking about the World Cup, and my huband was giving his opinion about who should win in each group. His friend teasingly asked -- "How many Colombians will be playing the the World Cup?" My husband, knowing that his friend knew darn well that Colombia hadn't qualified asked, "And how many Brits will be singing at the opening ceremony?" The man looked at him as if to say WHAT? To which my husband responded, "Well, 2 Colombians will be there!"

So, in honor of that Colombian vindication, I recently found out that the composition written by Shakira has been chosen as the official theme song for the World Cup. Her song includes the Afrocolombian soca, and is accompanied by the South African group -- Freshly Ground.

In Spanish:

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