Support House Bill 1224

The 21 of May marks the official day of Afrocolombian celebration in Colombia -- more about the actual holiday on 5/21. However, I became aware of a House Resolution currently circulating in Washington D.C. that deserves our attention.

As menitoned in previous posts, Colombia has the highest rate of Internally Displaced People (refugees) in the world -- even higher than Iraq. I wrote a post about this issue a while back.

In 2004, the Constitutional Court of Colombia ruled that the government was violating the rights of the displaced persons and ordered them to fi the situtation. Unfortunately, the government has does little to comply with the court rulings.

Now, "Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia and twenty-two other Representatives are sponsoring Resolution 1224 to mobilize U.S. government support for the work of the Colombian Constitutional Court and to urge the Colombian government to comply with these rulings"

Our representatives could use your support. I urge my USA readers to click on the following link and support a House resolution in favor or Indigenous and Afrocolombian displaced people.

Click on the link below:


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