Colombian Movie Week

As the summer movie season approaches, and I plan to spend time watching movies in English. I began to wonder what Colombia has to offer me by way of movies. I'll start by saying that the movies I am highlighting this week are all movies I have not seen yet, but that look interesting.

Colombia has not movie ratings, so I cannot address whether or not they are appropriate for you or your children. There are no content warnings. I can only read reviews and watch trailers. But, I admit that there are some that look interesting.

Like take today's choice. The movie is entitled:

Los Viajes del Viento
The Wind Journeys

It was written and directed by Ciro Guerra. It was Colombia's official selection for the 2010 Academy Awards in the Foreign Language Category. The reviews say the plot is not the best, but that the cinematography, music, and introduction to Colombian culture make it a must see.

You can find out where it is playing and when it will be released on DVD by following it on Facebook:

Here is the trailer:


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