Golpe de Estadio

In 1998, Colombian director, Sergio Cabrera, released this humorous movie -- Golpe de Estadio (Stadium Coup).

The plot:

A US petroleum company has established a base in a small village in Colombia from which they can conduct geologic investigations. This small base, nicknamed New Texas, becomes a target for the Colombian guerrilla. Unfortunately, the only television in the area is also located in the village with the Colombian soldiers, and the guerrilleros don't want to destroy it because it is the only place where they can see Colombia's team play against Argentina. What to do? I really don't want to destroy the ending.

Again, I have not seen it, but I suspect at the very least -- some shooting. And perhaps some dicey scenes and language. However, it is supposed to be a comedy.

You can see the entire movie on Youtube -- start here.


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