How are you celebrating the Día de la Afrocolombianidad?

Happy Día de la Afrocolombianidad!!!

I have asked the adoptive parents of Afrocolombianitos how they plan to celebrate today's holiday. Here is their response:

Johnsons -- USA

In honor of the Dia de Afrocolombianidad we'll be celebrating 2 things...we got our referral call for Ava on May 20th, just one day before el Día! So we're going to celebrate that call and Ava's heritage. :) Pete and I hope to learn so much more as our children grow older so that our celebration of Ava's unique heritage goes beyond just one day, but I have to say honestly, we don't know much about Afrocolombian history. Our goal this year is to create a timeline of the history of Africans in Colombia (mostly to keep my husband and I accountable to learn/research) and let the girls color it and talk briefly about Ava's country and heritage with both girls. We're taking them to a local park that has a LARGE map of the world painted on the ground with fountains to play in on top of it, so we'll play in the water and jump back and forth between Colombia and the US...silly sounding, but it's a game we play at home with a floor map that our oldest daughter loves and Ava loves to imitate her, so it'll be a fun outing for both of them while at the same time teaching them something! We also ordered the book you recommend for children on San Pedro Claver that we'll read. We're going to make a special dinner, too, using some of your recipes!

A Family who Preferred to Remain Anonymous -- Europe

Truthfully, we did not know that such a holiday occurs in Colombia. We adopted our children several years ago and we have never known about this holiday. I am glad you contacted me and now we are planning a small celebration. We will do something this year. My husband and I have talked and now we plan to make a special dinner -- we found some recipes on your blog and we will make some of them. It will also give us an opportunity to talk with our children about their Colombian heritage.

Public Service Anouncement you can see on Colombian TV all the month of May.


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