Presidential Elections

On May 30, 2010, Colombians will vote for a new President. After 2 terms with Alvaro Uribe, the Colombian Constitution requires a change. There are many candidates and many parties in Colombia. However, there are typically 2 or 3 front runners. This year the candidates that seem to be leading the pack are (in alphabetical order according to party):
Partido Conserador (Convervative Party): Noemí Sanín -- a former Colombian embassador to the United Kingdom.
Partido Social de Unidad Nacional (Social Party of National Unity) aka (Partido de la U): Juan Manuel Santos -- ex-minister of defense under current president.
Partido Verde (Green Party): Antanas Mockus -- former mayor of Bogotá
The winner of the election is the person who receives an absolute majority of votes (more than half of all the votes cast). If neither candidate achieves an abolute majority a second round of elections (in which only the top two candidates from round one participate) will be held 3 weeks later on June 20.
As of May 9th, polls show the two leaders (Mockus and Santos) -- literally neck and neck. This weekend should be very interesting in Colombia. I'll report back on Monday (or Tuesday if results are not available) and let you know the results.


bbear said…
I know that my husband has been showing a lot of interest in Antanas Mockus -- I now feel like I need to read up some more.

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