Bicentennial of Colombian Indepenence: Timeline & Pictures

I know that many of my readers are homeschooling and have children adopted from Colombia. I have gotten e-mail from you requesting information about Colombian Independence and History, so that you can prepare lessons for your kiddos. Here are 9 resources for you. The sites are in Spanish.

Here are a few great resources:

#1 -- Colombian Independence in Pictures:

#2 -- Colombian Independence Timeline:

#3 -- Musical Memories of the Independence

#4 -- Anecdotes from Colombian History:

#5 -- FACEBOOK & Twitter friends: The Colombian government has set up 3 facebook accounts for people to learn more about Simon Bolivar, Manuela Saenz, and Santander. One twitter account for Antonio Nariño. These historical figures "post about their activities" and famous quotes. Santander has gotten a little off track talking about the World Cup, but who can blame him.

#6 -- Ministry of Culture Short:

Cultura es independencia from Ministerio de Cultura on Vimeo.

#7 -- Radio series about the Independence of Colombia -- some are reports others are dramatizations

#8 -- Video series about the Independence of Colombia -- a little dry, just conversations between university professors. However, I learned stuff! Might be better for the adult to watch and summarize for the kids.

#9 -- Read books online

Good luck preparing your lessons. If you would like to share them with other homeschooling parents, please e-mail me and we could post the lesson plan here.


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