Help Friends of Colombian Orphans

I do not normally post on the Weekend, but I know that some people only get around to reading blogs then. I wanted to remind everyone of the CHASE Charity giveaway on Facebook. Friends of Colombian Orphans is competing for $20,000. This money would go a long way to help older orphans, who will probably never find homes, become self-sufficient. Let's help this cause !!!!

How to vote in the Chase Giving contest:

1. Have a facebook account.
2. Go to Chase Giving on Facebook and “like” the application. You can “unlike” it later if you want.
3. Follow the directions for voting. When asked to type in a charity, type COLOMBIAN ORPHANAGES.
4. You get to vote only ONE time for FOCO, but you also have 19 other votes to use. After voting 20 times, you get a gift vote. Use the gift vote to send to another friend who hasn’t voted for FOCO twice.
5. Please: go back to the voting page and hit the “share with friends” button. You will be able to send your friends personal messages and have the voting page appear on their home pages. This is a CRITICAL part of being successful, because personal messages get friends’ attention.
6. Tell friends that, if it’s getting too complicated, please just do steps 1-3 and vote for COLOMBIAN ORPHANGES.

You can read an interview with FOCO's founder, Jane King, here:


Jane King said…
THANK YOU for the shout out. Voting takes two minutes of your time. We are distressed that we can't get more votes for our cause and are hoping that more people who are involved with Colombian kids in ANY WAY will take a minute to vote. Every vote counts. Thanks so much, Jane
Jane King said…
We have moved up the leaderboard and are back in the top 100.
Friends, we are empowering young women in orphanages!! We are teaching them skills that will keep them OFF the streets and give them a way to be successful and pass that success on to their children. It takes a MINUTE to vote.
Jane King said…
We won! Thank you to all who helped with this effort.

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