One Family's Journey: Post-Adoption Reports

I wish I could tell you that after you get home that there is no more adoption paperwork!

I can't though. Bummer.

ICBF requires 4 post-adoption reports after you get home. The first one comes at 3 months. Our agency had us sign a "post-adoption" services agreement and reminded us to make an appt with our parole officer, I mean social worker.

I'm just kidding about the parole officer crack, our social worker is really nice.

Here's what we did for our first post-adoption visit. First we filled out a form that our agency wanted that detailed a whole lot of info about our son and his and our adjustment. What is he eating etc. etc. We sent that to our agency. Then our social worker came to visit us and asked us all the usual questions you would expect. I actually enjoyed this visit a lot because we had the opportunity to ask for her professional advice and opinions on different topics and tips for attachment. After observing him as he crawled all over my husband for the duration of the visit she declared him "on a good path to attachment".


Next she typed up a report that she sent to our agency. They compiled it with mine, notarized it and sent it to me. I was in charge of getting it apostilled and then sending it to our facilitator with 4-6 pictures of our son. I took the risky route and sent it US mail to Colombia with a check for the translation of the document. When it arrived a few weeks later our facilitator had it translated and dropped it off at ICBF.

Done! Annoying but relatively easy. We are now free and clear until October when we'll do our next report.

Okay, today concludes this run of guest-blogging for me! I hope that I provided info that everybody found helpful! I can't stay away for long so I might be back in the future but until then you can visit my personal blog La NotoriousMLE to get your dose of our Notorious Adventures.


Jane King said…
Enjoyed it all. Thank you.

A BOOK should be written, using all these great adoption tips.

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