One Family's Return Trip: Bogota's Informal Economy

One of the hardest things for me to see in Colombia is the poverty. I find the plight of many Colombianos very moving. It is hard for me to pass street vendors, beggars, and street performers without wanting to help everyone. I recently read a report which stated that in Bogotá alone, more that half of the population survive daily from what they earn in the "informal economy".

By definition the informal economy is "economic activity that is neither taxed nor monitored by the government." Participants in the informal economy include the VENDEDORES (both on the street and in the buses) and CANTANTES mentioned this week. It is hard for me to believe that over half of the city, 4.3 million people, live outside of the formal economy.

Here is a youtube video of what my boys can expect to see of the informal economy in Bogotá.


Jane King said…
"Informal economy "is just an evil way of saying ABJECT POVERTY.

The ease in which people ignore what is going on at street corners was the most upsetting of all to me, at least in Bogota.

It's not right. We're trying to help in our own small way.
By the way, a vote for us in the Chase Giving contest on Facebook will help us help the girls on the sides of the road. Just sayin'.

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