One Family´s Return Trip: Sogamoso -- Sun and Steel

Sogamoso is known as the City of Sun and Steel.

Why the City of Sun? It comes from the ancient Chibcha traditions. Sogamoso was originally named Suamox, and was the religous capital of the Chibcha empire. While the Zipa (in Bogota) and the Zaque (in Tunja) fought constantly, Suamox was considered a place where niether side could battle, and yet both would come there to worship. It was the site of the Temple of the Sun and the High Priest -- the last one was called the Sugamuxi. As the City of the Sun, there was a statue built in the main plaza to honor the indigenous peoples and their worship of the Sun. Originally, the statue had indian women worshipping the rising sun and the indigenous women faced East. Unfortunately, the statue faced the Main Cathedral. The father of the catherdral complained and is was decided that the indians should be turned around and face West. This was done. Then, people began to complain that the women were worshipping the rising sun not the setting sun. So, they were turned around to face East again. Currently, people are complaining that the women look too fat, and indigenous women were not fat.
Why the city of Steel? The city is home to a large steel factory. Recently, the factory was bought by a Brazilian company and many of the former employees (just your average steel workers) became instant millionaires.


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