One Family's Return Trip: Taxi Etiquette #1

Let's face it, some cars seem more sturdily built than others. Recently, I was at the Honda Dealer getting a recall on my Odyssey fixed. While I was there, I tried out the new FIT. BACKGROUND: When you climb into the Odyssey, it takes some muscles to close the door. You give the door a big yank. Well, I gave the FIT's door a big yank -- out of habit -- and the whole car shook. Instantly, I was teleported mentally to Colombia. I remembered an experience from my first trip.

Hubby and I were in a rainstorm in Bogotá waiting for a cab with friends. I had been in Colombia just a few hours. When the Cab pulled up, my husband and our friends climbed in the back, so that I could sit shotgun and see better. I was eager to get out of the rain, and as I yanked the taxi door shut, the whole car shuddered. GASPS!! came from the Taxi driver, our friends and my husband. "What? Sorry!" I truly didn't believe that shutting the door a little forcefully deserved the third degree stares I was getting.

Once out of the car, hubby pulled me aside to explain that in Colombia you have to be very careful when closing car doors. People believe that if you close the door too forcefully, you will damage the car -- this may be true, I'll have to call Tom and Ray on that one.

LEARN THIS LESSON! GENTLY CLOSE CAR DOORS ALWAYS!! It is better to have to attempt to close the door several times softly, than to slam it in one big swing.


Adam said…
This is funny because they believe the same thing in Brazil, where I used to live. I'd close a car door normally and they thought I was slamming it. I'd say, ok sure but I wasn't slamming it shut by any means.

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