One Family's Return Trip: Buying Meat

Living where meat comes in neat little styrofoam containers covered with plastic wrap can never offer you the thrill of a CARNECERÍA. Here large chunks of meat and long sausage links hang in the open air where you can smell them and see the flies enjoying lunch. I am sure that they leave the meat out longer than the USDA would advise, but I have never gotten sick. And while I know this would make my mother's stomach churn, I have to say that I have never tasted better meat than what we buy here at the EL RODEO meat market. But definitely a cultural trip.


Daniel G. said…
They also sell you ANY part of the cow you want. They also ground any piece of meat you pick. You could get some really nice lean hamburgers.
For the most part, the cows are grass fed and many of them are not injected with antibiotics.
The milk is also a wonderful experience. Just the way God wanted it to be :)

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