One Family's Return Trip: The Corner Store

In Colombia, on nearly every street there is a corner store -- TIENDA. They are filled with candy, gum, chips, sodas, beer, bread, matches, and all sorts of odds and ends. These are like magnets for Colombian children. That is a problem for parents wanting their kids to eat healthy while visiting cousins that are used to eating tons of GALGUERÍAS (junk food). After many, many NOs, the boys finally wore us down -- Cokes, Patacones (plantain chips) and Chicken flavored potato chips.
This is an important cultural note. There are some "Can't really say you've been to Colombia, unless you've tried them." Galguerías. Below, is our list. Feel free to add your favorite.

#1 Chocolatina Jet: Inside the wrapper you will find a sticker. You can purchase a book for about $3 where all of the stickers go. The book then serves as a kind of picture encyclopedia.
#2 Papas Fritas Margaritas: It is well worth trying the POLLO (chicken) and LIMON (lime) flavored varieties of Papas Fritas Margaritas (Margarita's Potato Chips).
#3 Supercoco: These are coconut flavored chewy candy.

#4 Chocoramo: Chocolate covered pound cake.


Anonymous said…
I'll have to add nucitas
NotoriousMLE said…
My husband looooooooves Chocoramo. He talks about it all the time and when our friends came to visit us last year they brought like a case of Chocoramo with them.

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