One Family's Return Trip: Iza and El Batán

The area between Paipa and Iza is famous for it's many hot pools. Just outside of Iza, there is a great hotel and pool called El Batán. For $40 per night per couple you can stay and enjoy the "therapautic" waters. Or, for $5, you can jut go for a swim in the pools. (I know they look green, but we were told that this is because of the minerals in the volcanic waters. )

Everyone had fun and no one got sick, in fact my son's eczema cleared up -- maybe there is something to those healing waters after all.

After swimming we picked up coconut ice cream in the snack shop -- soooooo delicious! Definitely a must try!!
If you are interested in visiting El Batan the phone number for reservations is:578 779-0000.


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