One Family's Return Trip: Museo Nacional

In February, I wrote a post about the Museo Nacional. Read more here:

However, because of the Bicentennial, most of the museum's regular exhibits are closed. Instead, there is a special exhibition on the Bicentennial. I loved the theme, "NO COLOMBIAN HAS AN EXCUSE TO NOT KNOW HIS/HER HISTORY". I felt proud to have tried so hard to teach my little Colombianitos their history. They recognized the Battle of Boyacá pictures as well as the portrait of Pedro Pascasio Martínez and Simón Bolívar. Mommy beaming with pride. :) If you are going to be in Bogotá from now until the 10th of October, I would not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to live the Independence of Colombia.

Here are some examples of what you can see at the Museum. You can see more at the virtual exhibit:
Battle of Boyacá
Simon Bolivar's Sword

Simón Bolívar's Crown -- not exactly George Washington.


NotoriousMLE said…
We were living across the street from the Museo Nacional while in Bogota. The building itself is quite beautiful and worth the trip

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