One Family's Return Trip: Tourist Info

One of the first places you should visit upon arriving in Bogotá is the main plaza, LA PLAZA DE BOLIVAR. (More on that in as different post). However, when you get to the park, you will want to go to the side opposite the church. There, on the corner, you will see the following sign.

The "i" stands for INFORMACIÓN (information). This is where you can speak to tourist information workers. Today there were 3 girls working: one spoke English, one spoke French, and one spoke German. They can offer you a guide book and map in a dozen different languages. The book has a list of dozens of places that you can visit while in Bogotá. We are only going to be here for 5 days, so what I can cover in the blog is limited. There are lists of places that I have never visited, but we hope to eventually make it to all of them. I picked up the Tourist Map in English and the guide book in Spanish. This is what they look like.


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