One Family's Retrun Trip: Police Museum

Okay, you've finished your visit to the Plaza de Bolívar, taken pictures, fed the birds, now what? Did you know that there are OVER 50 places to visit within easy walking distance (no more than 4 blocks). Among them are museums, churches, parks, and government buildings.

Every time we go to Bogotá there are places that we visit, and then there are those we are seeing for the first time this trip. Among the new places is the Museo Histórico de la Policia Nacional (Historic Museum of the National Police). Tours are available in many languages depending on who is on duty at the time. While we were there, you could get a tour in English, French, German or Italian.

To get to the Museum, you walk south one block on Carrera 8 (that is the street that Edificio Lievano faces)turn right onto Calle 9 and walk 1 1/4 blocks to the museum. It is on your left just past the stores selling military gear.

The Museum is 5 floors of Colombian Law Enforcement History. The basement is dedicated to Colombian wars against drugs and Pablo Escobar. You can see a Harley Davidson that was imported to Colombia and then Gold Plated by drug lords.

This museum is a MUST SEE for anyone with BOYS! What boy wouldn't just love to see the thousands of weapons on display in this room.

***A word of warning: There is one room in the basement, the Sala de Penas y Castigos -- the Room of Punishments, that has some pretty graphic pictures that are probably not appropriate for kids. Just ask to skip that portion of the tour.


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