One Family's Return Trip: Buying From Street Vendors

When I went to live in Mexico for study abroad, oh so many years ago, our teacher/advisor told us to avoid getting sick by not eating from street vendors. I diligently obeyed. However, my husband convinced me, on our first trip to Colombia, that some food can safely be eaten. I began to try Mango biche, arepas, roasted corn, and all sorts of food. I have never gotten sick from street food, well except for my trial of sugar cane -- that made me really sick ;).

On our last night in Valle, on our way back from the Coffee park, we bought the most delicious arepas de peto right off street. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. Don't be afraid of eating these delicious treats from a street vendor :)


Kit said…
We always say that it's better to trust an Old woman preparing food in front of you on the street than a 16 year old kid in the back room.

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