One Family's Return Trip: Cali Restaurant Suggestion

I wish that this picture were as good as the breakfast we ate at KUTY. KUTY is a PANADERÍA (bakery), and so much more.

Actually, it originally opened its doors in 1975, when a pair of sisters decided to try their hand at bread making in Junín. Now, there are new owners and 4 locations in Cali. We visited the one on la Avenida Sexta con 27. It is like a small cafeteria with tables outside. We ordered their signature dish -- omelets. Whatever you decide to order, don't forget to try their Pan de Bono.

If you don't want to leave your hotel, you can order in 524-3040.

There are actually 2 KUTY restaurants in Bogotá, one right near the Plaza de Bolívar -- Carrera 8 No. 15 -96. So, even if you never make it to Cali. You can get a breakfast Caleño.


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