One Family's Return Trip: El Alcarabán

My sister-in-law's family owns a "finca" (kind of like a cabin, but with fruit trees instead of pine trees), just outside of Pereira. It is called el Alcarabán, after the birds that live on the property. The birds nest on the ground. If you happen to get too close to their nests, they whiz down at you squawking like crazy. You have to hit the dirt to avoid having them attack you. All of the boys thought this was hilarious. "They are dive bombing us!" Came the cry of four glee filled boys making machine gun fire sounds.
The boys (and their mom) got to check out our Paso Fino skills on this horse. It is a pretty bouncy experience.

And of course, what trip to the countryside isn't complete without a swim. Who cares that the rain made it a little chilly. Such an awesome experience. If you are ever invited to someone's finca -- GO!! They are a definite MUST!


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