One Family's Return Trip: El Corral

"Just a bit of Heaven!" That is what my nine year old called our lunch at El Corral. Just one block East from the Museo 20 de Julio on the Calle 11, you'll find a Juan Valdez coffee shop (on the corner of Carrera 6 with Calle 11). If you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, you'll find El Corral Gourmet. In this case, Gourmet means you pay A LOT more for the food and you get to eat it in fancy containers :). The regular El Corral restaurants are quite economical, so make sure you read the sign carefully before entering if you are on a budget.

Anyway, we were starving, and after several weeks of eating Colombian food, the boys wanted burgers, fries and chocolate shakes. Since there is nothing in the world like El Corral Chocolate shakes, we bought one for everyone.

The restaurant is located in the building known as the "Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez" The Centro houses the bookstore of the Fondo de Cultura Económica. If you ever plan to read books to your kids in Spanish, THIS IS A MUST! We bought some great children's books by Colombian authors. (More on that in the coming months).
Here is a youtube video of the Centro and the area around it so you can find it easily.


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