One Family's Return Trip: Plaza de Bolívar South & West Sides

On the South side of the Plaza, you will see the Capitolio Nacional. It is the seat of both the Senate (Senado) and the House of Representatives (Cámara de Representantes). Inside there are 3 large rooms, one where the Senate meets, one where the House meets and one where the whole Congress can meet together called the Salón Eliptico.

Construction on the Capitolo began in 1847, but was not completed until 1926. During the construction, 3 foreigners were in charge. First, was the Danish architect Thomas Reed (1847-1880). He was followed by the Italian Pietro Cantini (1880-1908). Next, the Frenchman Gastón Lelarge. The building was finally completed by the Colombian Alberto Manrique Martín.
The following Mural can bee seen inside the Capitolio. It was painted by Santiago Martínez Delgado.

The neoclassic Edificio Liévano was built under the direction of the architects Gastón Lelarge y Ricardo Lleras Codazzi from 1902-1905. Today it houses the office of the Mayor of Bogotá.



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