In some parts of Colombia, particularly along the Pacific Coast in El Chocó and Valle, there grows an interesting fruit -- BOROJÓ. The fruit itself is green and about the size of a softball. It grows on trees that are anywhere from 9-15 feet tall.

The fruit is highly nutritious. It offers a good source of protein, vitamin B and phosphorus. Research conducted at a Colombian university shows that it contains a substance that can inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors.

I got to try the fruit for the first time on our recent trip. People make drinks out of the pulp, which tastes good at first, but has an aftertaste of rotten cheese. I personally couldn't drink it after a few sips.

Colombians believe it helps with bronchial infections and it is also considered "nature's viagra".



hey melinda! do u know anything about icbf deleting the 6 y.o. list? =( we were on that list and hoping for a wait of 6-12 months...and now we are on the 5-6 y.o. list and the wait is like 2-3 yrs!!!

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