El Encanto de la Ley 70

Oops! I missed it. A big sorry to all parents of children or adoptees of Afrocolombian origin. Back on August 27, the law called Ley 70 celebrated its anniversary. Law #70 guarantees protection for the ancestral territories of the Afro-descendants. It also requires that the government invest in the economic development of these areas, as well as protect their cultural identity and civil rights.

This year, two girls, both born the year that the law was passed, have become the official "unofficial" voice of the Afrocolombian movement. Their names are Eidy Dayanna Estacio and Kelly Angulo, and they are the lead vocalists for the group Son Cimarrón. The group itself consists of 20 Afrocolombian youth.

On October 10, 2010, the group launched its album "El Encanto de la Ley 70" (The Enchantment of the Law #70).

Here is an interview and examples of the music that the group sings:


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