From ICBF to Pro-Soccer

In 1999, at the age of 9, William Fandiño was removed from his home for reasons that are all to familiar --- abuses on the part of his parents. He spent the next years of his life living in several different orphanages with ties to ICBF (Club Michín and Fundación Alma y Niño.)

Having never found a permanent home and family, Fandiño did find success while living in ICBF care for 11 years. Now, at 20, he participates in the ICBF program Proyectos de Vida. This program has allowed him to pursue studies in Sports and Physical Education and the Incca University in Bogotá.

However, William feels his greatest success so far was being chosen to be on a professional soccer team -- Boyacá Chico. His dream is to of course be a soccer star. However, he wants to graduate and become a professional in the field of sports.

While not every child that remains unadopted can tell such a bright story, I thought William's ability to overcome his circumstances was worthy of mention and offers a bright spot in an otherwise bleak future.



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