One Family's Return Trip: Mandatory Last Stop

Our mandatory last stop in Colombia is always Crepes and Waffles. It has just become a tradition. Amazingly, there is now a Crepes in El Dorado airport -- how convenient after the short flight from Cali and before a long one to the US.

Crepes not only has delicious food, but they have a very interesting work force. Most of their employees are women and single mothers. In a time in Colombia where many businesses refuse to hire single moms, Crepes and Waffles promotes it.

As far as ordering, I am a rut kind of person. If I'm ordering something once and I like it, I order the same thing every time. . My Crepes favorite is the Panne Cook with chicken and spinach. I love it :) especially with the Limonada. My sister-in-law is just the opposite, I think she likes to try something new every time. She ordered the Pita Vegetariana. It looked delicious and she raved about it!

If you have tried Crepes and Waffles, what is your favorite menu item? If you are looking forward to your first experience, you can check out the menu at their website.


NotoriousMLE said…
I love crepes so much. I'm stuck in my ways though. I always get ensalada marroqui.
Kit said…
I love any of the pitas I think that they are all something to rave about. Honestly almost anything on the menu is safe. One can walk in point to something, ANYTHING, and it's going to be a culinary treat. Definitely a must.

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