Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sale El Sol -- Shakira

Shakira also launched a new album last week. This time the album returns to her roots and from the samples I've heard sounds a lot more like Pies Descalzos than any of her more recent music. There are plenty of ballads, as well as a few rock offerings. She also seems to have spent some time with Dominicans as a couple of songs have definitely a more merengue feel. The album also includes the World Cup Waka Waka song in both Spanish and English versions.

Hear the title song and see the lyrics here:

You can hear clip from all the songs, purchase the CD, or buy the download here:

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Notorious MLE said...

This is so funny because I blogged about Shakira today too. We are so in sync!

I agree it's really a return to roots for her. I was also really suprised to hear all the Merengue since that's not usually her style, she does it really well though.