Bike Tours in Bogota

In our continuing "Bogota for Beginners" series, I have a new suggestion for families forced to spend lots of time there. It is a suggestion for families with children of all ages. It's a unique way to get to know the city ....... BOGOTA BIKE TOURS. The idea for this post came from another Colombian Adoptive Family. You can read about their tour here -- thanks Heyar for the great idea:

It is a way to see more than just the tourist sites of Bogota in an up close and personal kind of way. The tours can last from a couple of hours to five, and it seems that you can be in control. You will see more than just the Plaza de Bolivar, and the amazing thing is that you can see a side of Bogota you might otherwise never see, including poor areas.

From their website:

Places we often pass or visit include the Plaza del Chorro, the Botero Museum and the National Museum; Plaza Bolívar, Plaza San Victorino, Parque del Renacimiento with its Botero Sculpture, Bogotá’s Central Cemetery, the fruit markets of Palo Quemao and the Egipto neighborhood; the Londonesque La Merced neighborhood; Third Milenium Park and its Disarmament Sculpture; the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center, the National University with its Che Guevara Plaza; Independence, National and Símon Bolívar parks; the Bullfighting Stadium, the Train of the Savannah, the Plaza de Lourdes and many others. On our tours, we also talk about human rights and Colombia’s troubled and often violent history and present.

Their tours start at 10:30 am or 1:30 pm. However, you can also request a night time bike ride. The cost is $25,000 pesos (about $12.50 US). You can also rent bikes for Ciclovia Sundays for $15,000 for half day or $25,000 for a full day.

GOT KIDS?!?! That's fine. You'll need to call in advance, but they have kids bikes and seats that sit on the back of a bike for you to use.

Learn more about the tours from their website:

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