I realize this probably should have gone up before today, but I have to admit I don't follow sports. I didn't even know who won the World Series, let alone that a Colombian played for the winning team. This said, I discovered the winner of the MVP award was Edgar Renteria while listening to the radio. While I didn't know what team he played for, I 100% recognized his name. He is the lone Colombian in US Major League Baseball.

Édgar Enrique Rentería Herazo was born on August 7, 1975, in Barranquilla, Colombia. In Colombia he is known as El NI~NO.

He started his professional US career with the Florida Marlins in 1996 and in 1997 was instrumental in the Marlins 1997 World Series victory.

Since 2003, Edgar and his brother Edinson are co owners of the La Liga Colombiana de Béisbol Profesional (LCBP), or Colombian Professional Baseball League. In fatc, the league's website is called www.TEAMRENTERIA.COM, and it is Colombia's only professional baseball league.

There are 6 teams in the league: the Caimanes in Barranquilla, Tigres in Cartagena, Leones in Montería, Águilas in Bogotá, Potros in Medellín and Toros in Cali. I

In 2009, they signed an agreement with the Golden Baseball League's Yuma Scorpions for two years to provide development for the Colombia League. The League is hoping
to qualify to play in the Carribean series in 2012.

Now, whether or not you are San Francisco fans, you now have at least one reason to cheer for the MVP of the 2010 season. Felicitaciones Edgar!!!

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Ed Lebert said…
Orlando Cabrera is also a Colombian. He is from Cartagena. He helped the Cincinnati Reds get to the playoffs this year and he helped the Minnesota Twins last year.
Colombian Mommy said…

Thanks! I stand corrected :)

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