This past weekend, this blog celebrated its second birthday. It's hard for me to believe. In honor of this birthday, I would ask my readers to visit the webpage and find a topic -- from the list of topics on the right -- and read all the blog posts for a topic that interests you. Please leave a comment below. As I ponder the continuation of this blog, I have wondered about its helpfulness. I would love to hear from my readers. Thanks -- COLOMBIAN MOMMY :)




Anonymous said…
Hello, Yes, if I could encourage you to keep posting! Your blog is a must read for all adoptive parents of Colombian kids. I have especially enjoyed your book suggestions. My husband does not know you are my source for many purchase selections.... :o)

We have enjoyed The Kite Festival, Peter Claver and Walls of Cartagena. El Raton Perez is waiting for me at Barnes and Noble!

Thank you for the research and time you put into this blog. You are very knowledgable about Colombia and it certainly helps those of us waiting to go get our kids!

Blessings, Linda
As an American family with a Colombian daughter, I love the connection to Colombia that your blog provides. We also just bought El Raton Perez for her for Christmas, and I print and bind together all of the nursery rhymes and songs you post so that she has a collection of her own.

From celebration of holidays, to myths and legends, to the natural parks and resources of Colombia, you give us great information from a much more personal perspective than any book would.

I know I appreciate it and am thankful for any resource that helps my daughter connect to and be proud of and informed about her Colombian heritage.
Notorious MLE said…
Melinda I love your recs, Raton Perez is on my list and Pombo Musical is in heavy rotation at Casa Perez thanks to you and your labor of love!
nat said…
I am half Colombian (born in the states) and love learning all the great things about Colombia. I read your daily posts in hopes of sharing what I learn with my children one day. It is also fun to forward my mom some of the old nursery rhymes you post as it brings back tons of memories for her (she came to the states when she was 12). Thanks so much!!
Anonymous said…
I hope you decide to continue with this site, it's fabulous. It has been so helpful and encouraging while trying to survive the long wait. I have so many different categories that I enjoy, but love when I see the updated ICBF list and recommended books too. I have learned so much from your site and check it every day. It's been a blessing for me. Please continue with this blog and know that all your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated!

Carrie said…
Your blog is such a source of information! Please please continue to post!
deanna willett said…
I love reading your posts. Since Angelica is indigenous..I love your posts on the Zenu Indians and the reservation where she was born. We we're provided very, very little info on her background so it was exciting to find out this amazing piece of her history.
Colombian Mommy said…
I want to thank those of you that have taken time to post. I hope to be able to keep providing you with information about Colombia, tierra querida.

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