Gift Guide -- Oro

I know that I have posted two blogs about these guys -- Choc Quib Town -- in the last two months, but I have now listened to the album and can say I really like it! It is a Latin Hip Hop type album, but with overtones of Currulao and other Colombian music genres that make it uniquely Colombian. It also is replete with references to Colombian political and social issues. Overall, a super addition to a Colombia lover's music collection

Listen to samples, buy the CD, or MP3's of the songs here:


Anonymous said…
I love this disc so much. I also wanted to add that iTunes as this for download right now at 5.99. I bought it a few weeks ago. Best six dollars I have spent in a long time. My daughter loves to groove to it. Its music with a message and uniquely Colombian.

Wendy (entropy, Cartagena Mami)

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