Holiday Gift Buying Guide

I wanted to call this post the Holiday Gift Guide, but I know that many adoptive families are busily saving money to bring home their child(ren). This may mean that checking your local library might be a valuable replacement. I actually requested that our library buy some of these titles. If you do want a few suggestions for spreading holiday cheer, come back over the next few days to see other titles.
The first selection is a collection of Colombian music classics. It is called "Colombia es passion: 100 joyas de nuestra musica por nuestros grandes interpretes" -- translation "Colombia is passion: 100 gems of our music by our best performers." These are classics, not necessarily modern hits.

The first song is very famous! It is always on the list of greatest hits ever. On a personal note, when we were first married (16 years ago) my husband put part of the song on our computer -- a Dell Pentium 75 :) -- and every time we would turn it off we would hear, "Ay que orgulloso me siento de ser un buen Colombiano!" -- translation "How proud I feel to be a good Colombian!" So, it holds a special place in my heart.

The 5 disc CD set will set you back about $30 US. Since the supply is limited, you may want to check it out quickly.

You can hear samples of each of the songs here:


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