The New Miss Colombia

If you missed my husband's editorial about the National Beauty Contest in Colombia. I highly recommend it as a must read.

With that homework done, you can now go on to enjoy the new Miss Colombia.
Her name is María Catalina Robayo from Valle del Cauca and she is the new Señorita Colombia. As with all beauty queens, the following is the headline:

"Catalina Robayo Vargas, caleña de 21 años, es la nueva Señorita Colombia. Ella es estudiande de octavo semestre de derecho en la Universidad Javeriana de la capital del Valle. Sus medidas son 85- 61 - 92."

For those that can't read Spanish, let me just say that while there is a nod to US type scholarship idea -- "She is in her 8th semester as a law student at the Javierana University located in the capital of Valle." There is also the -- what would here be considered politically incorrect -- mention of her measurements "85-61-92". Surprising, since most queens are closer to the perfect 90-60-90 ;).

See her picture here:

Or a video of her crowning here:


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