Not a Sevensson Anymore

I want to thank a Raising Colombian Kids reader, and fellow adoptive mom for today's blog post idea. A few weeks ago Catherine suggested that I check out a film, Not A Sevensson Anymore. The film was produced in Swedish and Spanish with English subtitles. It is the story of Emilio Sevensson and his father Bengt and their search for Emilio's birth father in Colombia.

Before we ever knew who our child would be, I read tons of books about adoption and the lifelong process of family building. I joined a Yahoo Group for Colombian Adoptees Searching for their roots. I was interested in finding out what older adoptees felt about their adoption. What questions plagued them? What did they wish they knew about their birth? I wanted to be better prepared to deal with feelings and issues my own child would have. I think the research I did spurred on my interest in getting my sons birth information -- which if you missed the post about my quest, you can find it here:

I know that not every child will need or want to search, but for those that do, the need to know is real and really important. Any parent wondering about what that experience might be like should see this film. It can be purchased online. Here:

For a taste of what you'll see, view the trailer below.


Carolina D. said…
I don't know if you remember once a girl posted a question in the forum about information in Bucaramanga, she was looking for her bio-family, I told her my family still lives there and we would help her in whatever she needed. Fast forward 1 year, my mom was able to find her bio mom, her brother and sister, this girl is sooo happy and we're also happy to have helped her finding her roots.
She made this post on her profile which was very moving to me "I was searching for you and I found myself"
Colombian Mommy said…

That is really a great story. I'd love to hear more about what happened.
Kate said…
Thanks for mentioning this movie on your blog! I love the part where his adoptive dad says that he feels they are all one big family now - the adoptive and the biological together. It's such a beautiful way to look at adoption.

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