Slow News in Spanish

I know many families that are trying to improve their Spanish. Some are learning in preparation for meeting their child/children, others are struggling now that their kids are at home, and still others are hoping to teach their kids more of a language that has slipped or is slipping away. I have found a resource to help you with your Intermediate Skills.


Obviously, this is a listening comprehension program, but there is also a grammar and vocabulary aspect. Just so you know, the accent is most definitely from SPAIN, yet it is very SLOW and easy to follow. There are several expressions that they use that are not what you would use in Colombia. Still, I think that the practice could be helpful for many of you. Also, be aware there is a subscription charge if you want the whole service, however, you can listen to the news for free and access some of their content for free also. You may want to learn more at their website:


Anonymous said…
Thanks for this excellent blog. I wonder if you have an advice for us. We are waiting for our 4th child through ICBF and probably we'll be in Colombia in early-spring 2011. Last time our older kids did learn a little Spanish and liked to use it. And now I would love to have a some Spanish lession maybe a private teacher to come (1/2 hour per day) to speak and teach Spanish for our older kids while in Colombia. Do you recommend it and how we should arrange it?
Colombian Mommy said…
I do have some ideas. Feel free to e-mail me at colombiansadoptcolombians @

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