Gift Guide -- Galguerias

GALGUERIA is a unique Colombian word for JUNK FOOD! It comes from the word GALGO which means 'strong craving or hunger'. Outside of Colombia, few people will know what you are talking about if you use the word, but every Colombian child will immediately know exactly what you are referring to.

That said, what holiday season would be complete without a house full of GALGUERIAS. Unfortunately, getting some good galguerias outside of Colombia can be difficult. So, if your local Latino market doesn't have some, you can try La Tienda del Pueblo online store. They have a nice selection of Colombian galguerias that can arrive in time for the holidays. You can use Paypal, so your transaction is secure.

If you have adopted older Colombianitos, this might be a really great find for a special holiday surprise treat. Personally, our kiddos will be getting Chocolatinas Jet this year. Shhhhhh!


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