Merengue - Basic Steps

I have to start off with a confession. I had big plans to make you guys customized, personalized dance lessons. "It'll be great!" I told Colombian Mommy. "I'll make the videos, upload them to youtube and embed them in the blog. Easy-peasy"

I forgot though, there there is a small Colombian in my house that often has different ideas about things. Elian is at that stubborn toddler stage where he is intent on controlling the whole world. He personally loves to dance but does not approve of anbody else dancing. The little king must be the only dancer! When we try to dance he screams "No, Mama. No, Mama!" The other day I emerged from the bathroom to hear my husband saying "Papa is allowed to dance if he wants to! You don't tell Papa he can't dance!"

I'm still not sure who won that battle.

I figured you wouldn't want your dance lessons accompanied by the shouts of my little one so I opted to find you some on the internet instead.

Today's lesson is for dancing merengue. Merengue has to be the absolute easiest dance on the planet. The easiest way to describe Merengue is to think about how you end up switching your weight from one hip to the other while waiting for the bus. Do that quickly in time to the music and your halfway there.

Here's a video to get you the rest of the way there. :) -Emily


Anonymous said…
Hola !!!!soy de Colombia y me gusta tu blog ....también me gustaría saber de donde eres tu?
Colombian Mommy said…
Gracias! Nací en Lago Salado, USA! Pero, me casé con un Boyacense. De que parte de Colombia eres?

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